About that Arkansas economic miracle: records and tariffs

The latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor facts show Arkansas added 6.”500 jobs, or a .5 percent boom in group of workers. That places us within the bottom five states in percent job increase.also on the job entrance: questions about announced chinese investments.

So should you hear a person — the governor, for example — tout job growth, make certain to be aware the ancient saying about.”lies, damn lies and facts.” Mississippi added 13,300 jobs in that time, by the use of comparison. Oklahoma, 28.”300. Missouri, 31,four hundred. Louisiana, 19.”200. Tennessee, 55,600. Texas, 344.”seven-hundred.

right here’s another notice on the job entrance:

Over the weekend, an associated Press article quoted Gov. Asa idn poker Hutchinson as saying Trump tariffs mustn’t have an effect on a planned chinese-owned paper mill, which is to get hold of significant state subsidies to build close Arkadelphia. He spoke of the state changed into working with federal officers to exempt solar Paper from tariffs. His economic director, Michael Preston, said issues had already delayed the venture for three months. exciting, because the remaining account about delays within the solar mill become that they were as a result of a change within the expected remaining product, from fluff to linerboard, which meant a metamorphosis within the critical environmental permits.

Preston additionally commented that a,handful” of different chinese language corporations had halted plans to build right here because of tariff concerns.

Arkansas nevertheless waits for several announced chinese language investments here, some courting returned greater than a yr, akin to a pet food plant in Danville, a material brand in Forrest city and the sun mill in Clark County. A fabric maker has opened within the Little Rock Port and employs about 100.

Clark County officers, meanwhile, expressed confidence within the solar assignment. A pre-engineering contract became awarded remaining month and groundbreaking became held lately for a rail spur within the industrial park where the mill can be developed.

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