f the bright red can andonto the dusty Formica table Mens Adidas Marathon TR 21 Black White Trainersthat separates me from them. ;Letrsquo;s try this again,rdquo; the female cop says, tucking a Mens Adidas Marathon TR 21 Navy Red Trainersloose blonde hairbehind her ear. The rest is up in a severe bun that reminds me of amatronly grandmother, even though this woman Mens Adidas Marathon TR 21 Red Black Sliver Trainersonly looks about thirty.Shersquo;s got a slight southern inflection that reminds me of Elliotrsquo;sgrandma.I donrsquo;t reply, waiting for whatever it is she plans on doing next. Hernext big thought, her latest overdone gesture, to try and convince methat I should spill all of my dirty secrets onto this table between us.So far shersquo;s used threats against Jase, a plea deal that would grant meimmunity, and long stretches of silence.None of th


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