ying her book facedown on the empty seat beside her, Womens Babefifa 85mm Suede Black Knee High BootsShawna grabbed her carry-on and propped it on her knee so she could retrieve her thick, gray sweatshirt. Womens Dorififa 85mm Black Suede Knee High BootsIf it was this chilly in the bus, it would be worse outside. And who knew how long theyd have to wait?She dropped her Womens Forever Suede Black Tall Bootsbag on the seat and then pulled the sweatshirt over her head.Heavy footsteps coming from the back of the bus halted at her side.quot;If they want us off the bus, theres probably a good reason. You might want to hurry.quot;Her thick, golden blond bangs fell over her eyes as she pushed her head through the neck hole. She blew her hair away from her face and found her field of vision filled with a large, muscular chest straining the buttons of a black, silk shirt and framed by massive biceps. Her g


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