This is a very luxurious manicure design, we can see an earthy design that is very popular for several seasons. it always reminds me of my childhood life and its sumptuous looks but it is very affordable. The design enriches the whole manicure, a great contribution is giving the marijuana design with a glossy nail polish. To Achieve this design Click herefor more design click hereNail decorating dates back to around 3000 years ago. Then, I admit, they used slightly different methods of coloring the nail, using henna, for example, mixtures of bee wax, rubber, egg whites and gelatin and so on. Also, each of the stock had its own color with which paint the nails, and if a woman from a lower class backgrounds painted nails in one of the royal colors, was punished and sometimes with death. But now times have changed a bit, to all of us are available various preparations for the care of nails and polishing, and one who is the most creative will have the most beautiful nails. Whether you refinement your nails in the lounge or in your own home, there is a lot of ideas, you just need to let your imagination run wild.


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